Red Raider Nation Celebration!

(Photo cred: TTU Athletic Department’s Pinterest)

As many of you already know, we both bleed Scarlett & Black. Something you may not know is that today is TTU’s 91st Birthday! Texas Tech is a school that is so near and dear to our hearts that we couldn’t just let this special day go without saying something about our wonderful University! Both of us have twirled in the Goin’ Band from Raiderland (Sarah 2011-Current & Amanda 2009-2013) and we have both worked for TTU. Raider Nation is filled with excellent faculty & staff, dedicated students, crazy fans, and fearless champions; and we love every single one of them! So with that we say, Happy 91st Birthday Texas Tech!

Thank you for all of the great memories…

 62576_3515194568604_1374269015_n 538918_10151285470063296_1342566041_n




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