Target Tuesday {Part 2}

The last few weeks for the both of us have been nothing short of crazy. Last Tuesday morning we both realized we had not done our research for our Target Tuesday post for April. After Amanda had a minor freak out, Sarah chimed in with her wisdom saying “Why don’t we just do it next week?” Duh. Right? So without further ado we bring you the April version of Target Tuesday! It may be a week late but hey, who is counting here? We had such great feedback from our first Target Tuesday post so we are beyond thrilled to bring you the next one. Target is such a fun place right now, spring and summer colors are popping up everywhere. We found all of these lovely finds at the Target on Marsha Sharp Freeway in Lubbock:

photo 3

1. Summer scarves and floppy hats are a MUST this summer!
Amanda has a thing for scarves and hats and you can clearly see she was enjoying herself during this part of the trip. We paired this super cute navy and pink floral scarf with a navy and tan striped floppy hat. Throw on a white t-shirt and grab your favorite pair of shades and you are set for the day. (Plus, all summer scarves right now are BOGO half off. Perfect timing right?)
Scarf- Price $14.99 (Note: Probably due to the fact that this is one of the cutest scarves ever, it is not available to purchase online. However, we found a super cute replacement here!)
Hat- Price $14.99 Purchase Here!

photo 4

2. Party Time!
Sarah’s big 2-1 celebration is just around the corner so she has one thing in mind, birthday parties! These super cute party hats and party horns are a part of the new Oh Joy! Collection at Target. We love the gold foil dots and cute pastel colors. This collection features all sorts of fun party items that are sure to add a little sass to your upcoming event. Unfortunately, a lot of the collection is not sold online so you will need to hurry to your nearest target pronto to get these supplies while they last!

Party Hats- 8 Count Price $3.00 Purchase Here!
Party Horns- Not Sold Online

photo 2

3. Swimsuit cover up or cute top?
Techincally, this darling thing is a swimsuit cover up. But who says you cant pair it with a tank top underneath, a cute pair of capris, and some sandals? This comes in a pretty taupe color and black.
Price $19.99 Purchase Here!

photo 1

4. Sassy Skirt
Who doesn’t love a great skirt? This little gem was hidden on the bottom rack and we almost missed it, but we are sure glad we didn’t! These colors work great together and we love the print. Just add a navy top and you are good to go!
Price $22.99 Purchase Here!


So, what is your favorite of our Target finds this month? Let us know!




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