Friday Favorites {Texas Tech Football}

Happy Friday Everyone! Tomorrow is the Texas Tech Spring Football Game and we are pumped! In honor of this weekend, today’s Friday Favorites post is dedicated to the top 5 reasons why we love Texas Tech Football!

1. Pregame Show- Goin’ Band Style
“Who’s the greatest band in the land?”
“Goin’ Band!”
“Wreck ’em Tech!”
“Go Red Raiders!”

Seriously, no one does a pregame show like the Goin’ Band. The crowd in the Jones goes crazy when they see the band run out of the tunnels!


2. Hype Song
When this song starts blasting through the stadium speakers everyone knows it’s officially Game Time!!!


3. Kliff Kingsbury
“Our coach is hotter than your coach” doesn’t event begin to describe Kliff. The atmosphere that he has created for his players and the passion that he has poured into Texas Tech Football is evident. Lubbock is now back on track to being one of the rowdiest crowds in college football.

4. Twirling, duh.
Nothing compares to twirling with the Goin Band for all of our rowdy red raider fans


5. Game Day in Raiderland
Texas Tech is already one of the most beautiful campuses in Texas, but add some more Red Raider spirit on game day and it is a sight to see! The Saddle Tramps work all through the night wrapping the Will Rogers statue (yes, the butt is facing Texas A&M) and decorating campus.


We will see you at the Jones tomorrow!




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