5 Best Shows to Binge Watch on Netflix

If you know both of us pretty well, than you know we absolutely LOVE binging on captivating TV dramas on Netflix. Most of our conversations start off with “OMG can we please talk about what happened in season 3 of________.” After spending so much time talking about how much we love Netflix, we thought it would be a good idea to put our TV drama binge watching addiction to good use. Below you will find, in our opinion, the BEST shows to binge watch on Netflix. WARNING: The below content may cause you to go days without communication with the outside world. We recommend stocking up your fridge with refreshments, sending your friends a “heads up” text so they won’t worry about you, and getting fresh air for at least 1 hour a day.

  1. One Tree Hill
    If you’ve already devoted the past few years of your life to watching this show, move on to the next one on our list. If you have not, SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! This is by far one of our favorite series packed with family drama, emotional love stories, and captivating characters. Sometimes we even find ourselves wondering how Brooke Davis is doing.. and then we remember that it is a TV show, not real life. Also, a little hidden gem of this TV series is all of the fantastic music that accompanies it. There is a reason this show was renewed for so many seasons, so watch it now and figure out why.
    (Source: Rebloggy)
  2. Gossip Girl
    Calling all Upper East Siders! This dramatic series will pull you in with all of the crazy plot twists, wild secrets, and the lavish lifestyles that these upper-east sider teens live. While part of the fun is trying to figure out who the infamous “Gossip Girl” is, there is plenty more that this addicting series has to offer. Cat fights, dramatic relationships, fancy penthouse apartments, backstabbing brawls, and debutant balls will have you hooked in no time.
    (Source: weheartit)
  3. Scandal
    They call her “The Fixer,” but what happens when she is a part of the biggest scandal of them all? Watch this series and you will fall in love with Olivia Pope just as much as we have. Seriously, no one can rock neutral-colored wardrobe and kick-ass attitude like she can. So grab a glass (or bottle) of wine and sit back and watch the drama unfold.
    (Source:Kelly Runs for Food)
  4. Greys Anatomy
    This series is one for the history books. As one of the longest running TV drama series in the history of TV dramas, we give Greys Anatomy an A+! You will fall in and out of love with so many characters, get your heart broken more than once, and find yourself laying in bed at night wondering why you are so attached to something that isn’t even real. Who would have thought that a series about surgeons could be so intriguing? So if you are looking at this list wondering which series to start, just remember: “Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me!”
    (Source: Dair-You-To-Love-Me)
  5. Private Practice
    From one of our favorite shows, Greys Anatomy, comes an enticing spinoff, Private Practice. This story follows double board-certified neo-natal surgeon and OB/GYN, Addison Montgomery after her exit from Greys Anatomy. One of our favorite things about Addie is that she knows what she wants and is not afraid to go out and get it. Also, she has her occasional breakdowns which make us feel right at home! Just a few episodes in, you will be hooked and wondering what is next in store for all of doctors at Oceanside Wellness.
    (Source: Rebloggy )

Happy Netflix Binging!



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