87 Things That Go Through Your Mind at a Twirling Competition


Twirlers from all over the state are headed to the DFW for the 2014 NBTA Texas State Twirling Championships this weekend! While we wish everyone the safest of travels and good luck, we also had to have a little bit of fun with this post 🙂 If you have ever been to a twirling competition, you have probably had some pretty interesting thoughts go through your mind throughout the day. Do any of these look familiar?

  1. It is way to early for this.
  2. Where is my Red Bull?
  3. Ok found it, great… now let’s do this.
  4. First things first, hair.
  5. Wheres my mom?
  6. Oh she just came back to the room from breakfast downstairs.
  7. Hotel breakfast food. Gross.
  8. Wait, how is she already dressed and ready to go?
  9. I wonder if she even slept last night…
  10. Whatever, let’s just get this over with.
  11. Gosh mom, why don’t you just fracture my skull with that bobby pin.
  12. That was rude, sorry.
  13. Thanks for all you do 🙂
    twirl6 twirl5
  14. Now, makeup.
  15. If my friends at school saw me right now they wouldn’t even recognize me.
  16. Time for tights… oh god.
  17. Seriously, these are horrible. Whatever..
  18. Can we just leave now? I need to get out of this tiny hotel room.
  19. Why is it so dark outside? Oh yeah, I forgot.. the sun doesn’t come up till x-struts are over.
  20. Maybe I can just take a quick nap on the ride over to the gym.
  21. Nope, gotta check instagram.
  22. Finally here. Now we can carry all 37 of these bags inside.
  23. Seriously, why are there so many bags?
  24. Hmm.. ceiling height looks good.
  25. How does that girl already have her hair done, makeup done, and costume on?
  26. She must of stayed up all night just like mom.
  27. Ok let’s just go get a seat.
  28. Great, there is whole row open… it’s mine!
  29. Mom & Coach are about to tell me I need more lipstick in 3..2..1…
  30. Oh gosh.. I can already smell the hairspray
  31. At least that awful music isn’t on yet…
  32. Whoops, there it is.
  33. I guess I will just turn on my iPod and warm up.
  34. How do I get down to the floor..
  35. Oooo her costume is cute
  37. I want a new costume
  38. But I just got a new one last month…
  39. Oh well, I’ll bring it up to mom nonchalantly later.
  40. Alright, first x-strut… let’s get this over with!
  41. Wait.. what lane am I in?
  42. Smile at the judge so she doesn’t realize you are dying.
  43. Man this x-strut is harder than running a half marathon.. Just kidding… kind of.. not really
  45. Holy cow, when was the last time I did that all the way through?
  46. Mom: “That was really great sweetie, you just need more lipstick”
  47. Of course. It’s always the lipstick.
  48. Is that E600 I smell?
  49. No, it’s sweat. Gross.
  50. Actually, I think it is E600 and sweat mixed together.. perfect.
  51. Solo time… oh gosh, I’m going to have to do this all the way through, not just in sections.
  52. Whatever, I’ll pull it off.
  53. One deep breath…. anddddd salute
  54. Wait how are my hands already sweaty?
  55. This is taking forever… I am definitely going to be overtime.
  56. Last trick.. better catch it… GOT IT! Phew…
  57. Smile like you just did a no drop because you did…. anddd salute!
  58. Crushed it.
  59. I better tell the next girl “good luck”
  60. Oh wait, I can’t breathe… or talk.. or swallow
  61. Water. Now.
  62. Pageants are over.. I can stop stressing.
  63. Oh two baton is next on lane 3?
  64. Cool, I will have enough time to make up the first section.
  65. Oh I am actually on now..
  66. No biggie.
  67. Salute.
  68. I think this is actually looking like a real routine!
  69. Andddd….Salute!
  70. I hope no one asks me how that went, because I honestly don’t remember.
  71. Where is my chair? I need a chair.
  72. I’m taking a nap.. wake me up when it’s awards…
  73. Oh whoops… team…
  75. Nailed that last exchange.
  76. Awards time!
  77. Wait… forgot my blanket.
  78. Oh look… mom is up in the stairs waving.. “Hey girl!”
  79. Good thing I snuck my phone down here…
  80. Selfie!
  81. Oh this is my group…
  82. OMG I have to pee. Too much red bull.
  83. Just wait till after pictures.
  84. Top 5
  85. Nailed it.
  86. Ok can I eat now?
  87. Something really unhealthy… like cheese fries.




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