WCW: The Texas Tech Twirlers Edition

texas tech twirlers 3

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Amanda here… I wanted to take a quick second to talk about a group of girls who have worked so incredibly hard this summer, The Texas Tech Twirlers! [In case you didn’t know, Sarah is the Head Twirler for the TTU Twirlers!] Currently, the girls are at Notre Dame for the 2014 NBTA National Championships. The competition officially started yesterday, but today is their first team event. They will compete as individuals and a team a few different times during the week and then conclude with the National Collegiate Championships on Friday.

texas tech twirlers 2texas tech twirlers 1

Being a twirler in college is very different from other collegiate sports and activities. During the spring and summer, these girls don’t have a “class” that they attend to practice. All practice is held outside of regular class and work schedules. They don’t receive funding to help pay for trips to Regionals, State, and Nationals, it all comes out of their own pockets or is fund raised by the girls themselves. So while being a twirler in college is an amazing experience, it is also a LOT of work!

With that said, join me in saying GOOD LUCK to this great group of girls who have worked so hard to get to Nationals this year! Now go show them what being a Tech Twirler is all about!

texas tech twirlers 4

You can follow them on these different social media sites for updates:

Twitter- @ttutwirlers
Instagram- @ttutwirlers
Facebook- Texas Tech Twirlers


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