WCW: Jessica Richens

There are so many reasons why we love Wednesdays! One of them being So You Can Think You Can Dance. We are loyal viewers of the show and since today is Wednesday, as well as the season 11 finale, we are dedicating Jessica Richens as our WCW!

We quickly became her #1 fans after the first 8 counts of her audition routine. “Come get your ticket!!!!”

(Source: fromtumbeyonceknowles.blogspot.com)

Jessica + Casey + Travis Wall choreo + and an electrifying kiss = a standing ovation and one of the best dances of the entire season.

(Source: Soyouthinkyoucandance Tumblr)

Jessica and Ricky make up the perfect power couple!
This dynamic duo debuted on the stage together and have now danced their way around the competition to be a part of the final four.

(Source: Soyouthinkyoucandance Tumblr)

Tune in tonight on Fox to support our girl JRich and all of the other amazing dancers.


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