Friday Favorites: Exes and Ohs Intimates

Happy Friday! We want to celebrate the upcoming weekend by introducing you to next BIG thing- Exes and Ohs Intimates. Now, we may be a tad bit biased since Amanda’s fabulous sister-in-law Kinsey is the owner and designer, but we think this new brand is just too cute and you have to know about it!


Exes and Ohs Intimates first came about when Kinsey was working in a local lingerie store and realized that there was a pretty big lack of items that would fit a majority of different body types. So guess what she did about it? Created a new brand to make everyone feel beautiful, not just those ridiculously perfect Victoria Secret models (who by the way are so photoshopped it is ridiculous, but that is a different story for another day!)

Now you might be thinking, “Hey, Exes and Ohs, that’s a cute name!” Well it is about to get even better when you hear the concept behind the name/brand. Check out the story behind the brand in this excerpt from the website-

“Exes and Ohs Intimates has two lines within one. The line of Exes is sexy and sensual, while the line of Ohs is on the sweeter side and includes “Loungerie” options. Kinsey wanted to pay tribute to the men that have shaped her into the woman she is today by naming her designs after men from both her past and her present, because as much as women hate to admit it, each relationship changes us.”

In typical Friday Favorites style, it is now time for us to show you our 3 favorite pieces from her collection. Once you finish reading, be sure to head on over to her website to learn more about the line and see all of the beautiful pieces that make this collection whole!


Russell Short Set-

How adorable and comfy does this look? Plus it comes in this cute print as well as other fun colors!

Purchase Here









Kent Teddy- 

To make this even better, it comes in seafoam

Purchase Here








1191_XOGarret Robe-

The belt is ATTACHED. I mean, how perfect is that? I ordered this in Watermelon Stripe approximately 2 minutes after the website launched.

Purchase Here

Keep updated on everything Exes and Ohs by “liking” them on Facebook!


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