Top 8 TV Moments in 2014

Happy New Year(‘s Eve)!

As we say au revoir to 2014, we are also saying goodbye to some seriously amazing TV moments. Since it is pretty apparent that the two of us are slightly obsessed with TV, we figured paying homage to our favorite TV moments of 2014 would be a great way to end the year.

Spoiler Alert!! Do not read if you are in the middle of a major Netflix binge catching up on some of our favorite shows. We would hate to spoil anything for ya 🙂

Without further ado, here are the top 10 TV moments of 2014:

8. House of Cards: So long Zoe!

Let’s face it, no one messes with Francis Underwood.

7. Game of Thrones: The Purple Wedding

We were all waiting for it… and it finally happened! It’s a nice day for a purple wedding?

6. Bachelor in Paradise: Raccoon or New BFF?

This hilarious scene got us completely hooked on Bachelor in Paradise this summer. I mean Crazy Clare + Raccoon BFF= Reality TV perfection.

5.  How To Get Away With Murder: Don’t Be

This is truly the moment when we realize how messed up Annalise Keating is… and we love it.

4. Scandal: All of it…

We couldn’t pick out just one moment from Scandal this year, so we chose the whole season. I mean.. why not?

3. SYTYCD: Like Real People Do

This dance secured Jessica Richens a spot in the finale… and also a spot in our hearts. Think that sounds too mushy? Just watch the dance and you’ll get it.

2. NBA Playoffs 2014: Spurs Take It All

There may have been a few tears of joy when the Spurs were the last team standing…

1.  Greys: Farewell to Christina Yang

We had to save this one for last. Greys has a special place in both of our DVR’s and Christina Yang is actually our (not so) secret soul sister. Saying goodbye was so hard, yet so sweet.

So as we say goodbye to Yang we also say goodbye to 2014. It’s been real, its been fun, and the TV moments have been great. We are looking forward to many many more in 2015!



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