Bucket List

We’ve horribly neglected updating our blog but we have some new stuff that we want to start posting and we want to share it with you all. We felt like being more adventurous this month so we thought we would challenge ourselves to a month long mini bucket list. It’s a pretty simple idea: create a list and check it off. We are both fabulous list-checker-offers but this list is less mundane and way more exciting. We each made a short list of tasks that we have never done but I have always wanted to try. We are giving ourselves one month to complete the list and we have to take a picture during each event. Once we are done we will report back and hopefully have some interesting stories to share.


Sarah’s List:
1. Try 24 hour juice cleanse
2. Bake cookies and deliver them to my local hospital nursing staff, police, and fire department and thank them personally for what they do
3. Attend a wine tasting
4. Help someone else check off something on their bucket list.

Amanda’s List:
1. Take a Spin Class
2. Attend a baking or cake decorating clas
3. Read the book “To All The Men I’ve Loved” from LC’s Book Club
4. Attend a workshop or training for career development

We are really inspired to maximize this month by trying new things and going out of our  comfort zones. At the end of March we will follow up with how things went.


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