The day has finally come! Sarah is graduating from Texas Tech University this afternoon and I am so extremely excited for her! A few months ago we got together on a nice spring evening and walked around campus to take her senior pictures. Now that the day has finally come for her to graduate, what better time to share some of them with the world? But before we do this, let’s throw it back to when Sarah was one of the most adorable baby girls Texas has ever seen:


With over 500 shots taken, it was really hard to narrow it down. With that being said, here are SOME of my favorites:





I mean, we had to get at least ONE “hand shelf” in there 🙂


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xRcJDRdo6hq_DSfF0B9sLJd_V3rlnId7C539qnIjGOI y85yNO-K-1dkHP-zYQ6ycT9A_BZpdh2HcBHy8IcqUQI


One thing that Sarah and I both love to do is listen to my dad’s wise sayings that he likes to bestow upon us. One of our favorites was when I was trying to decide which internship opportunity to take when I was in college. He told me “A Bird in the Hand is Worth More than Two in the Bush.” What he was trying to say is that “A bird in the hand,” is yours, and it’s not going anywhere unless you let it go. But if you leave it and go for “two in the bush,” there is no guarantee you’ll catch them, you might even end up with nothing in the end. My friendship with Sarah is something I consider to be “A bird in the hand.” I am so thankful that God placed her in Lubbock Texas 4 years ago at Texas Tech Twirling Tryouts. She is such an amazing friend to me and I value our friendship more than she knows! No matter how many other “birds” may come or go I know that we will always remain friends.

So here is to you Sarah…..Now go concur the world!


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