What We Are Listening To This Week! (11.14)


The busy time of the year is officially here! We may have forgotten to post last week, but we still added plenty of tunes for you to enjoy. Travel the musical world with this week’s tunes including everything from Pat Green’s “Way Back Texas” to Emily Hearn’s “Paris, or Wherever We Are.”

Check out this week’s tunes here:

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What We Are Listening To This Week! (10.30)


Wind down and end the Monday Madness with our fun weekly playlist! We’ve got everything from Gavin James’ chill track “Hearts on Fire” to the YLRK Remix of “Cover Girl!”

So check out this week’s tunes here:

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What We Are Listening To This Week! (10.23)

WE’RE BACK!!!! It’s been a while since we’ve visited “What A Hoot Land” but we are back and ready to share some great things with you. Our lives have been a bit crazy over the last 6 months and I am sure we will update you all on what has been going at some point. However, for now we are ready to introduce you to a fun weekly update we will be doing every Monday:


We are both lovers of music and want to share that with you. At the beginning of every week we will update a short fun playlist for you all to enjoy. You can expect to hear pretty much every type of music on here because we love a lot of variety.

So check out this week’s tunes here:

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Bachelor Ben- Our Top 5 Picks

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year– The Bachelor is back! That means our Monday night’s will go back to yummy dinners, a cold glass of Moscato, great friends, and 2 hours of addicting television!

If last night’s premier is anything like the rest of the season, I think we can expect a lot of drama from the ladies this season. However, at the end of the day we truly hope Ben finds the one. With that being said, here are our picks for Ben’s top 5 ladies (in no particular order):

  1. Olivia (duh!)
    person-person_87a6e4eb-268c-42e9-b868-2778023442b5_1969x787_source-1000x400-Q90_1450124489488We had to put Olivia in our Top 5, she did get the first impression rose after all! Plus, this News Anchor from Austin, TX immediately stood out to us.. and Ben! We are very interested to see how this relationship turns out, some of the previews show there might be rocky waters ahead.
  2. Jennifer
    person-person_c0a1ba0b-66f5-42ef-b013-f28803a3f9e5_1969x787_source-1000x400-Q90_1450126499736We just love this Small Business Owner from Florida! Ben and Jennifer seemed to have a really great conversation. No crazy hats, no fancy tricks, just a very natural and normal introduction. The two both seem to be very down to earth so we expect to see sparks flying soon!
  3. Samantha
    person-person_ec77479e-b85b-4c47-9d5d-5d4eab54f1d1_1982x791_source-1000x400-Q90_1450126313620We immediately fell in love with Samantha during her opening package. This recent law school grad shared her story of her father’s battle with ALS and the pain she suffered from losing him at an early age. Her genuine spirit makes us all want to root for her. If she doesn’t find love on this season, we may be looking at the next Bachelorette!
  4. Becca
    person-person_87e0c64b-219b-4cc0-b5b7-ee7049847b5b_1964x782_source-1000x400-Q90_1450125109278Becca is back! We saw Chris fall in love with her so it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if Ben holds on to her for a long time too. She seems like such a genuine person, which is a quality that is probably close to the top on Ben’s list.
  5. Lauren B.
    person-person_c5e87432-ad10-4806-ba0e-5eeed08607bd_1978x791_source-1000x400-Q90_1450125447853Lauren B. was the first girl to step out of the limo last night but we are pretty sure she won’t be getting back in that limo any time soon. There was a very natural connection between the two and it seemed like Ben was very interested to learn more!

It was pretty hard for us to narrow it down to just 5 girls, so we have a few floaters that we thought were worth mentioning: Amanda, Caila, and LB.

So let us know who YOU think will make it into the top 5! We can’t wait to see how this season unfolds.

Bach, Bach, Baby! {Guest Blogger- Bekka!}

I couldn’t be more excited for my first guest post to be about season 19 of The Bachelor.  This season features Chris “no-lips” Soules, who has been dubbed Prince Farming. We went all out for the season premiere with champagne, wine, cookie cake and Bachelor Bingo.

 cookie cake

So if you were like me and my lovely friends who dedicated three long hours to the season premiere, you wasted the first hour of your life with an exciting red carpet event then followed by the longest night of arrivals in Bachelor history.

Don’t get me wrong — there were parts of the red carpet I really enjoyed: getting to see Crazy Claire throw a baby up into the air, Erica Rose in a metallic jumpsuit, and trying to guess if Sean and Catherine are expecting a baby.  My favorite part was trying to guess if these two are really dating.


Because everyone knows that Sharleen and Brooks would be the most beautiful couple ever to hit Bachelornation.  Even though I think the red carpet was in large a huge waste of time, I also understand why the producers did it.  The show has been on for 29 seasons and obviously isn’t going anywhere.  Bachelor JuPa’s season was the second most talked about show for the entire year on social media.  The producers want the show to stay relevant and want you to remember all the crazies you love to hate from past seasons. Now on to the show…

The funniest part of Chris’s intro was the segment where he was talking about working out with Bachelornation’s in house gym rat Cody Sattler.  To be fair, it worked Chris looks great.


One of the things that makes Prince Farming’s season so different than the men before him is the number of eligible women available on his first night.  Normally contestants are given 25 women that come in two limos… this year there were 30 bachelorettes that arrived in four limos.  It was obvious that the number of women overwhelmed Chris.  Granted coming from a town of 416 people, it’s not hard to see why he wouldn’t be used to so many unrelated women.


To be honest this is probably the prettiest group of girls the show has had in long time.  This season has the usual Bachelornation types: nurses, teachers, beauty queens and single moms to some pretty unique things: WWE Diva-in-Training and cruise ship performer.

I’m not going to go through each and every single one of the girls but will just pass out some awards for the most memorable girls of the night.

First, I would like to recognize Tara.

Tara, a sport fishing enthusiast, first made an impression by getting out of the limo dressed in her finest Daisy Dukes.  She wanted Chris-no-lips-farmer to know the real her.  Don’t worry though — she changed into a little black dress to party.

 tara1 tara2

And boy did she party…

From the second Tara got out of the car she was drinking Jack Daniels on ice at a steady pace.  It is no secret that the first night typically lasts until 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning.  Needless to say babygirl was drunk by the time the rose ceremony rolled around.  She even almost fell off the stage.  She annoyed Prince Farming so much that at one point he left the room to consult Chris Harrison if he should send her home.  Now, one can only assume that the producers told him to keep her around because drunkface gets a rose.

tara 3 tara4

So to you, sweet redneck Tara, I would like to nominate you as “Most likely to marry Sugar Bear from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.”

Next, it would be a shame if I didn’t recognize the night’s potty mouth jokester Kaitlyn.


The dancer caught Chris’s attention by saying “I don’t know much about you… I know your name is Chris and you’re a farmer… you can plow the f*ck out of my field any day.”  The two shared a laugh and Chris is totally into her.


So Kaitlyn wins the award for “Most likely to join the cast of the Bachelor in Paradise.”

My favorite and final crazy of the night is onion girl herself, Ashley S.


Now, Ashley gets her award first… She was voted “Most likely to steal Mama’s Little Yella Pills” because she was totally on something the first night.  She became obsessed with a pomegranate that she swore was an onion.


But I do have to give “Mama’s Little Yella Pills” some credit… because she cleverly stole Chris away from WWA Diva Brittany.  She offered her a yellow “rose” in exchange for some one-on-one time with the Bachelor.


That wraps up all of the craziness for today, but I can’t wait to see where this journey takes us.  We do know that the cast stays stateside only to leave the U.S. for the fantasy suite dates, and that Chris is engaged to someone at this moment.  Thanks for reading!



Bekka is a twenty-something teacher, avid reality T.V. watcher, and pop culture enthusiast.