TBT: Our Favorite Christina Yang Moments

Can anyone else feel the void? Typically, we both spend all day Thursday looking forward to Meredith Grey and Christina Yang gracing us with their presence on the hit TV show, Greys Anatomy. Unfortunately, Greys will not be on TV tonight because last week was the season finale… and our hearts are broken. Not necessarily because the season is over, but because Christina Yang has left the show, for good.

In honor of one of our all-time favorite TV characters, here are some of our favorite Christina Yang moments:

She knows what’s really important… Sometimes wine and your best friend can be exactly what the Doctor ordered.


We love some sassy sarcasm from Cristina Yang
When life gets you down, Cristina and Mere know that the best remedy is to dance it out!
While she may not be the most endearing and nurturing person, she most def can give an awesome pep talk on how to reach your own personal Cristina Yang potential.
Go Sports! Win the points!
Through thick and thin these two are friends till the end!
There is only ONE Cristina Yang! Her colleagues love her, and we love her too!


We have endured ten long seasons of watching Sandra Oh play Cristina Yang, kick ass cardio-god, on Grey’s Anatomy and we have loved ever second of it. You will always be our person!




The Day We Have Been Waiting For

February 27th, 2014. To some, it may seem like a normal Thursday. To us, it is a day we have been patiently waiting for over the past few months. Have you figured it out what we are so excited about yet? Two simple words: Grey’s & Scandal.

We are so excited and feel as though ABC just showed up at the doorstep with two bouquets of beautiful flowers. Weird? Okay, yeah. Anyways.. Here are what we predict will happen tonight in the season premier of both Grey’s Anatomy & Scandal.


Amanda’s Predictions:

  • Kepner will pick the handsome Jackson Avery
  • Meredith and Christina will become besties again (fingers crossed)
  • Fitz comes to the rescue and saves Liv and Eli from Liv’s mom


Sarah’s Predictions:

  • Jackson Avery will stop at nothing to stop April’s wedding
  • Liv’s mom plans a sketch attack on either Fitz or Eli
  • Quinn and Huck call it quits and she moves on to Charlie

Last, but not least, we couldn’t let this perfect Thursday go past us without a little #TBT action. We have a double trouble edition of when we were both on TV:

photo1 photo

Stay tuned for our upcoming Reality Television Show.. we are positive that it is just around the corner 😉