WCW: Jessica Richens

There are so many reasons why we love Wednesdays! One of them being So You Can Think You Can Dance. We are loyal viewers of the show and since today is Wednesday, as well as the season 11 finale, we are dedicating Jessica Richens as our WCW!

We quickly became her #1 fans after the first 8 counts of her audition routine. “Come get your ticket!!!!”

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Jessica + Casey + Travis Wall choreo + and an electrifying kiss = a standing ovation and one of the best dances of the entire season.

(Source: Soyouthinkyoucandance Tumblr)

Jessica and Ricky make up the perfect power couple!
This dynamic duo debuted on the stage together and have now danced their way around the competition to be a part of the final four.

(Source: Soyouthinkyoucandance Tumblr)

Tune in tonight on Fox to support our girl JRich and all of the other amazing dancers.


WCW: The Texas Tech Twirlers Edition

texas tech twirlers 3

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Amanda here… I wanted to take a quick second to talk about a group of girls who have worked so incredibly hard this summer, The Texas Tech Twirlers! [In case you didn’t know, Sarah is the Head Twirler for the TTU Twirlers!] Currently, the girls are at Notre Dame for the 2014 NBTA National Championships. The competition officially started yesterday, but today is their first team event. They will compete as individuals and a team a few different times during the week and then conclude with the National Collegiate Championships on Friday.

texas tech twirlers 2texas tech twirlers 1

Being a twirler in college is very different from other collegiate sports and activities. During the spring and summer, these girls don’t have a “class” that they attend to practice. All practice is held outside of regular class and work schedules. They don’t receive funding to help pay for trips to Regionals, State, and Nationals, it all comes out of their own pockets or is fund raised by the girls themselves. So while being a twirler in college is an amazing experience, it is also a LOT of work!

With that said, join me in saying GOOD LUCK to this great group of girls who have worked so hard to get to Nationals this year! Now go show them what being a Tech Twirler is all about!

texas tech twirlers 4

You can follow them on these different social media sites for updates:

Twitter- @ttutwirlers
Instagram- @ttutwirlers
Facebook- Texas Tech Twirlers

WCW: Kerry Washington Edition

Calling all Gladiators! Are you as obsessed with Scandal as we are? We seriously cannot get enough of Olivia Pope and her amazing ability to whip Washington into shape. That is why our Woman Crush Wednesday is none other than the fabulous Kerry Washington! Here are our top 5 reasons why we are obsessed and you should be too:


1. She is super smart- Did you know she was accepted into Yale, Dartmouth, and George Washington University? She attended George Washington University focusing on Anthropology, Sociology, and Psychology while also on a scholarship for acting! Beauty AND Brains!


2. She was in an a cappella group called the Triple Trio.. Check out this voice:

3. She has the cutest baby bump ever


4. She’s a class act- She keeps her private life… well, private. She may star on the hit TV show “Scandal” but we will probably never witness a Kerry Washington scandal… and we LOVE that!


5. Her wardrobe is perfection. We love celebs who have an eye for fashion.


Keep doing what your doing Kerry, because we love it!



WCW: Gracie Gold Edition

In honor of today’s Ladies Short Program competition in Sochi, our Woman Crush Wednesday is none other than the fabulous Gracie Gold! This 18-year old Olympic athlete has captured the hearts of America and has both of us green with envy.


Check out these 5 reasons why we are obsessed with Gracie Gold:

1. She can juggle
No seriously… look at this

2. She has a sassy side

3. She has a twin sister

4. She can do this:

5. She is a fearless hard-worker who knows what she wants and is going to do what it takes to get it.

So join us in saying GOOD LUCK Gracie, go for the gold!